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Driving awareness for a new spirit is a tough task: How does it taste? What do I pair it with? What cocktails can I make? So to launch Alberta Rye’s uniquely crafted Dark Batch Whisky, HYFN was tasked with educating mixologists and drinkers on the capabilities of the whisky.

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User Experience and Design

The Case for Ordering a Case

After establishing a creative concept alongside the client—using Alberta Rye’s celebrated history and useful cocktail recipes to help Alberta Rye Dark Batch stand out as a choice for mixologists—our UX team went to work sketching the flow of our story. Market research helped to inform our decisions as we created responsive wireframes, structuring the site to tell a story about the history and benefits of Dark Batch.

From both a UX and design standpoint, the goal was simplicity—allowing the user to experience a new product without distraction, while still imprinting the brand’s characteristics. To achieve this, we combined a clean, responsive, single-page site structure with a vintage industrial approach to visual design—drawing inspiration from the product packaging and Rorschach imprints used in other marketing materials. This aesthetic lends itself to the gritty, dark, woodsy tones of the whisky, which were used alongside high-contrast photography and illustrations.

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Simple Solutions

Despite the overall simplicity of the site design, it was important that our select creative flourishes were impactful and smooth, resulting in a unique synchronization of HTML5 video and static imagery on site load. The vertically-constrained responsive design was a challenge that was not addressable through a combination of CSS and Javascript due to performance concerns. So we created a custom solution for preserving the aspect ratio by using a fixed-aspect spacer image which would serve as an invisible enforcer of maximum height for the content.

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