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Heal is a mobile app startup that sends a licensed primary care physician and medical assistant to your home or office on your schedule. With high growth targets in its second year of operation, Heal was looking for new users who would potentially make a transaction immediately or in the near-term.

Heal had run Facebook advertising in-house prior to partnering with HYFN, but they needed a partner who could quickly learn the business, grow Heal’s understanding of the advertising platform, and yield a return on spend.

HYFN took on the role of Heal’s first-time social media advertiser, driving action across the consumer funnel, from brand awareness to app installation to registration, and finally, transactions.

Our Role

Defining the Treatment

Creative Strategy

One Message. Many Wrappers.

To begin, we pivoted messaging to focus more narrowly on Heal’s value proposition (i.e., doctors on demand) while subtly addressing anticipated user concerns and psychological barriers to use. For example, does it accept my insurance? How long will I have to wait? Is this a legitimate doctor? This approach allowed us to garner trust around a new and unfamiliar service.

Targeted Creative

Supported by our in-house creative team, we developed several custom creative executions that depicted the service’s key value proposition to several defined target segments. Our defined personas ranged from new moms to white collar workers, all of whom don’t have time to go to a doctor and need the doctor to come to them.

Heal - On Demand brand awareness ad Heal - In-network brand awareness ad
Heal - Doctor House Calls awareness ad Heal - House Calls 2 awareness ad
Heal - App Instal Campaign 1 Heal - App Instal Campaign 2
Heal - App Instal Campaign 3 Heal - App Instal Campaign 4

Strategic Examination

Media Strategy

Activate Evangelists

The first step towards driving awareness, adoption, and evangelism was to activate people who had previously visited the site or who work at companies in Heal’s partner network.

Constant Expansion

Throughout the campaign, our HYFN8 platform helped us scale rapidly via tools that create lookalike audiences based on Heal’s owned customer data. As we increasingly gathered data, we assessed what their most engaged audience looked like and adjusted messaging and targeting to speak to the audience more effectively.

Increase Lifetime Value of Users

Introduction of mobile app engagement ad units was a big step towards extracting a higher lifetime value from installers who hadn’t yet made a purchase and needed a timely reminder to use Heal, thus leading to decreased acquisition costs and increased transactions on the app.

Client Success

Demonstrable Efficacy

High growth startups represent a unique challenge in social, combining cost accountability and the need for immediate, demonstrable results that show upward trajectory to investors. We worked directly with Heal’s executives to enhance platform education and report daily to show success. Heal’s campaign achieved a cost per app install that was 31% below goal and a cost per purchase that was 87% below goal

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