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Achieving Orbit

Orbiting Earth at 17,000 MPH is a delicate proposition for humans and machines alike. So for client HP, being selected by NASA to put 120 HP ZBook workstations into service aboard the International Space Station was a superlative achievement. To highlight the reasons for NASA’s selection of the ZBook, HP engaged HYFN to build an interactive product experience detailing the exceptional engineering, performance capability, and design that will allow the ZBook to operate reliably within stringent NASA requirements and the unforgiving environment of low Earth orbit.

Our Role
Launch Site


Earth in the Window

Life aboard the ISS is pretty surreal—floating between Earth and the sun. It was imperative to convey a sense of weightlessness and awe representative of both the ISS environment and the ZBook, so users could connect with the immense detail required in order to achieve mission success. We used authentic footage captured from the ISS itself. The Earth rotates in full view of the (browser) window. The ZBook itself floats across the browser as though untethered by gravity.

We recreated both the exterior and the interior of the ZBook as 3D models, allowing for in-depth exploration of the details and components that make the ZBook NASA’s top choice for critical work aboard the ISS. All easily navigated and elegantly executed across devices of all sizes.

01. Orbiting at 17,150 MPH

HP ZBook - Now Orbiting at 17,150 Feet ad

02. Exploring the Features

HP ZBook - Explore in 4k display ad

03. View the Details

HP ZBook - View the details

04. Flying Inside

HP ZBook - Flying Inside


Responsive in All Ways

Development was prioritized around providing a rich interactive experience, featuring video and 3D assets, that could load quickly and respond to devices and browser sizes smoothly. We leveraged a javascript embed code to seamlessly load our experience into the larger product page—allowing the container to resize to the height and width of the user’s browser along with the rest of the page content. Though developed concurrently with the larger page structure, our module responded together with the rest of the page content, all acting as one. Furthermore, by containing the entire application in static resources, we were able to deploy a worldwide content delivery network for fast loading of a resource-intensive site in a dozen different languages.

Production & Client Services

Mission Control

Innumerable moving pieces, multiple creative agencies, several dev teams—seems crazy. But we thrive here. Our production and client services team coordinated design, development, inter-agency collaboration, and client expectations all at the highest level: meticulous 3D assets, physics-driven effects coding, multiple handoffs, and one incredibly short launch window.

The Results

Operations Nominal

At the end of the day, with this project we needed to do the mission justice. High technology in high orbit. That meant the experience had to be executed flawlessly at a high technological level and with creative ingenuity. And without issue, against less than favorable odds, we launched, with operations nominal. HYFN over and out.

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