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Geared Up For Competition

ID Ideology Men’s is a new brand of men’s athletic wear sold exclusively at Macy’s. Entering a crowded category where seemingly every label has its own active line, Macy’s needed to stand out in a sea of sameness. To drive awareness of their first-ever collection of men’s performance and athleisure apparel, Macy’s approached us to develop a marketing campaign anchored primarily in social media.

Our Role
ID Ideology Men's - Redmond Raymos on set


Not Another Activewear Brand

In a saturated retail market where activewear lines have become ubiquitous, the high-tech trends often cater to professional athletes. But what about the average guy staying fit? He’s looking for attainable functionality, rather than image-driven expense. From this insight, we created the brand tagline “Accepting All Athletes” and brought it to life by showcasing common men doing uncommon things.

Bringing a new line to a crowded market is no easy task. We called on a variety of tactics, both broad awareness and direct-response, in order to make an immediate impact while setting the brand up for long-term success.

ID Ideology Men's - Redmond Ramos training ID Ideology Men's - College Dunk Champion ID Ideology Men's - American Ninja Warrior champion


Accepting All Athletes

To execute against our “Accepting All Athletes” positioning, we cast three hero influencers who represented the everyday athlete accomplishing extraordinary feats. The entourage included a U.S. Army veteran/amputee, a weatherman/American Ninja Warrior competitor, and a college student/pro basketball dunker.

We profiled their inspiring individual stories in video and showcased their impressive athletic abilities in video and photography. Assets were captured with usage considered across media, from launch video to social-specific cinemagraphs to point-of-sale print materials.

ID Ideology Men's - Red Zip-up flat lay product image ID Ideology Men's - Charcoal hoodie flat lay product image
ID Ideology Men's - Locker Room
ID Ideology Men's - Accepting All Athletes ad 1 ID Ideology Men's - Accepting All Athletes ad 2 ID Ideology Men's - Accepting All Athletes ad 3
ID Ideology Men's - Facebook Carousel ad

In advertising, we began with a pre-launch video awareness campaign around the upcoming release. Upon launch in-store and online, we then activated a series of website click campaigns, with creative focus applied more directly to the product, to increase purchase consideration amongst qualified users that had been previously served brand awareness ads.

Visual assets and messaging were frequently refreshed, and different ad units were utilized based on real-time learnings of ad performance using our heat-map technology, developed to identify the most engaging pieces of creative within Facebook Canvas.

ID Ideology Men's - Instagram ads and organic content

To further celebrate the line's launch, we took to the streets to celebrate everyday athletes in their element: The Venice Beach Boardwalk. We set up a finish line and organized a section of fans to cheer on joggers who happened to be passing by during their normal routine. We brought along one of our hero influencers to emcee, engage with joggers, challenge them to push-up competitions, give away Macy’s gift cards, and deliver high-fives to everyone in the crowd—reinforcing the idea that everyone who works out is an athlete worthy of admiration.

ID Ideology Men's - Venice Beach Boardwalk Launch Event

The Results

Strong Sales Impact

In the initial brand awareness campaign, our reach of over 2.2MM was notable for a new label. We also saw a range from 9%–20% increase in estimated ad recall lift rate, foreshadowing a successful conversion campaign.

After seeing a successful awareness campaign, we launched a conversions campaign to push qualified leads towards purchase consideration. This second phase generated over 14,000 purchases, producing 7-figure revenue results for Macy’s at roughly 20x ROAS.

A majority of the revenue generated can be attributed to the Facebook Collection ad unit which repurposed the campaign’s signature launch video in a shoppable ad format, yielding 24x ROAS on its own.

ID Ideology Men's - Venice Beach Boardwalk finish line

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