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A Winning Ecommerce Strategy

Created by a Navy SEAL, the TRX Suspension Trainer and accompanying training philosophy are the real deal. The company earned immediate respect amongst professional trainers and athletes but had struggled with direct-to-consumer sales in a very competitive market where Amazon’s shadow looms large, offering users a familiar search and shopping experience as well as an abundance of cheaper knockoff products. There were other challenges as well, including poor customer understanding of the products, a desktop-first website that didn’t educate, a lack of compelling content and an ineffective ecommerce system.

HYFN’s core disciplines of content creation, social amplification and creative technology were implemented to connect the shopper’s path to purchase from education and awareness to sales. We applied this principle to completely revamp TRX’s digital business with a full-funnel social advertising strategy, all-new photo and video content and a redesigned, mobile-optimized ecommerce site—a combination that opened a significant new revenue stream to grow the business.

Our Role
A fit man excercises with a TRX Suspension Trainer at home in the garage.

Content Creation

Going Premium

One major barrier to success for TRX was consumer confusion over various products, their uses, their benefits and their value against alternatives and knock-offs. Existing content fell well short of solving confusion and conveying quality, leaving buyers without the information and confidence required to make a purchase. So we developed all-new content for social advertising, the redesigned website and other marketing collateral that specifically addressed these barriers to purchase.

We believe that content is important as a driver of action. So each content category was developed specifically to drive users forward on their path to purchase. Product photography was captured in macro detail, demonstrating the high-quality materials, simplicity and engineering ingenuity that have driven TRX’s success in the commercial gym space for years. New flat-lays clearly communicated for the first time exactly what’s included with purchase, including free access to the new TRX app, a major consideration for purchasing direct from TRX instead of Amazon. We also captured supplemental action photography that tied the physical product to the training app and various lifestyle personas. Product and action photography were complemented by new video headers on top-level pages, leaving no ambiguity as to what TRX is, how to use it and what the value is.

TRX Suspension Trainers and Rip Trainer product photography. Flat-lay and Macro close-up product images.

Creative Technology

Educate & Convert

Technology & Development

Our measure of success for the project as a whole was to drive significant business impacts for TRX now and into the future. To do so efficiently, we made use of best-in-class tech platforms HubSpot and BigCommerce, connecting with our social amplification efforts to form an intelligent social ecommerce platform. We used HubSpot on high-level pages to facilitate customer education, future-proof CRM management and marketing personalization. On conversion-focused detail pages, we chose BigCommerce, providing a set of tools that integrate well with our social advertising objectives to drive sales. Both platforms also allow for easy client-side content management, which was important to a dynamic organization such as TRX.

Hubspot and BigCommerce administration portals

Web Design

TRX offers a range of products fit for a wide range of lifestyles and fitness goals. Our goal was to show people how simple it is to enhance their lives with TRX. We developed in-depth, content-rich educational pages that detail the benefits of the TRX training philosophy and associated products, an education that’s essential for a vast majority of users—data indicated that 75% of visitors to were there for the first time. Showing the product in use furthers understanding of TRX Suspension Training amongst shoppers, so each page features video headers that lead into full-screen visuals with lifestyle-driven copy. And importantly, each step of the user flow offered visual reminders of the advantages of purchasing direct: free access to the training app, a lifetime warranty, free returns and more. website pages. Homepage, premiere marketing product pages, ecommerce product detail pages. Multiple-device support with responsive web design.

Social Amplification

Selling With Social

We take a full-funnel approach to social advertising, calling on a diversity of ad strategies, content executions and ad units, reaching target customers at various stages of the buying cycle and effectively drive them to purchase.

As TRX is unfamiliar to many, top-of-funnel awareness of various products and use cases was key. Video and animated executions introduced people to product uses and benefits before driving to educational pages for continued education. But while awareness provides new fuel to ignite down the line, we were able to achieve immediate and impactful results by scaling conversion efforts to drive revenue. Introducing units like dynamic product ads in conjunction with retargeting of awareness audiences and constant optimization helped to significantly drive up conversion rates.

Social Amplification - shoppable posts and custom TRX content creation


Record-Breaking Revenue

Only eight weeks after launch, we were already able to far surpass sales goals and past benchmarks. We continue to consistently drive a double-digit return on ad spend (ROAS) for TRX, transforming their business in a short amount of time.

Return On Ad Spend


A woman uses a TRX Suspension Trainer to stretch her hamstring, under the guidance of her trainer.

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